Heading into the Future of Stillage Tracking with GPS and GESA 2.0.

Hannover – Gestellpool Europe takes the next big step and, with the combination of modern GPS trackers and the latest version of its in-house software GESA, makes stillage tracking even more efficient.

Over 90 members rely on Gestellpool Europe for stillage tracking. With innovative ideas, the company from Hannover ensures that stillages are not lost and return to their owners’ yards much faster.

A major step this year was the technology upgrade from barcodes to GPS trackers, which are directly attached to the stillages. “Attaching a GPS tracker to a stillage is something anyone can do. However, utilizing the benefits of the new technology to sustainably accelerate the stillage cycle in the flat glass industry can only be done by true industry experts. That’s why we have extensively explored the topic throughout the entire network and collectively launched the best solution,” says Sebastian Block, Managing Director of Gestellpool Europe. With success: The demand for the trackers is enormous. Starting in January, Gestellpool Europe will enable bulk orders, resulting in an even lower unit price for the members.

To optimize the use of the new technology, the associated software has also been upgraded. The in-house software GESA, in version 2.0, offers numerous advantages for the members. The live locations of the stillages are transferred to a new interactive map. In addition to many other helpful features, a digital alarm has been installed, triggered as soon as the stillages move unexpectedly. The software update was developed in close collaboration with the members to tailor it to the needs of the industry.

“With the GPS trackers and GESA 2.0, we are well positioned for the future. And to ensure it stays that way, we are, of course, constantly advancing the technology,” summarizes Sebastian Block the latest developments.