Full clarity for Fensterbau Bußmann

For years, companies in the flat glass industry have been experiencing multimillion-dollar losses due to the misplacement of transport racks. Between product delivery, further processing, and the construction site, it’s easy to lose track of these racks, leaving behind questions of responsibility and abandoned transport racks. This is a problem that Gestellpool Europe addresses for its customers through digitized rack management. With the developed system, customers have full visibility into the whereabouts of their racks, enabling them to efficiently save resources and ultimately money. Fensterbau Bußmann is no stranger to rack losses either.

At the turn of the year, the traditional company implemented the digital rack management system within its operations. The expectations were clear from the beginning: “The highly professional implementation by the Gestellpool team will ensure that we no longer anticipate any shortages of racks in the future.” Even now, just a few months after the implementation, Fensterbau Bußmann is already seeing initial successes. “The execution was completely problem-free. With Gestellpool, we have a partner who takes care of everything: administration, customer contact, maintenance. And we can focus on our own work.”