2023 in Review

Hannover – Gestellpool Europe GmbH Co. KG, a leading provider in the field of glassrack management, concludes the year 2023 with extremely positive results.
With innovative developments, expansions, and successful partnerships, the company has once again strengthened its position as a pioneer in the industry and continues its successful course with promising plans for the upcoming year.

Gestellpool Tracker and GESAweb 2.0: A highlight of the year 2023 was the successful introduction of rack tracking. “In close collaboration with our members, we have developed a groundbreaking product that not only increases efficiency but has also been integrated into our new software interface, GESAweb 2.0,” says Felix Spangenberg, Product Owner at Gestellpool Europe. “This intelligent solution ensures even higher accuracy from the moment of delivery to the customer. Our members can now equip their transport racks with GPS trackers and precisely track whether a rack has been moved by the customer after delivery. This allows for very high accuracy in picking up and clearing the racks.”

Growth and Expansion: In 2023, Gestellpool expanded its network by 8 new facilities, leading to an impressive increase in the rack inventory – from 150,000 to a proud 177,000 managed racks. A clear sign of continuous growth and strong demand.
Especially in the first year after the introduction of the Gestellpool system, new members experience the impact of the system on the turnover speed of the racks. For one of the new members, Gestellpool was able to increase turnover speed by 66%. This means that only one-third of the racks is now needed for delivering the goods.

Outstanding Customer Service: Gestellpool Europe not only values technological innovations but also consistently considers how the system can be made even more user-friendly for members and their customers. A central initiative to increase transparency was the introduction of commission numbers on rack overviews and other customer documents. This measure allows members and their customers to identify racks more precisely and keep an overview. A second brand-new feature developed at the end of the year allows members to automatically notify their customers when a rack is scheduled for pick-up. This proactive communication ensures a high level of service quality.

“The year 2023 was characterized by groundbreaking innovations, growth, and sustainable success for Gestellpool Europe. Our dedicated collaboration with members and continuous investment in technology and service have allowed us to exceed expectations and set new standards in the industry. We look forward to another year of innovation and collaborative partnership,” says Sebastian Block, Managing Director of Gestellpool Europe GmbH & Co. KG.